teh sux

People don’t appreciate good or at least well-made games anymore™. Wolfenstein is a perfect example for this. Doesn’t it offer the brainless action all titles of this genre promise? Oh hell yes it does! Doesn’t it have lots of diverse levels and a game length above the genre typical 8 hours? Again a positive… That alone should occupy players. Not taken into account that there even are some nice ideas in the mix (shooters are usually an evolution-free, always identical gameplay experience). Not paying attention to details will just endanger their spread. Having hostiles react to the player’s actions like yelling “He’s reloading!” is a nice touch, isn’t it? Which brings me to the different true boss enemies. Most shooters don’t feature real intermediate/final boss fights anymore (let alone those requiring trickery over simply unloading the whole weapons arsenal) – a once almost mandatory and expected occurrence. And what is supposedly so bad about having a game run fluent on normal rigs? This complaint is beyond me. Raven is somewhat of a specialist in using an established engine and pumping it up to have the focus on great gameplay. Their Elite Force game was the same way.


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