Movies that didn’t suck (12)

State Of Play2009

I love investigative reporting and I love investigative reporters. Don’t even get me started on elaborate movies about investigative reporting! That’s why I was really happy about “State of Play“. Which is also (or rather) a political thriller featuring Russell Crowe (while I certainly don’t intend to forget Rachel McAdams, always a delight) – since “The Insider” this combination, to me, comes close to an actual “order” to watch it.
Though it’s partially predictable aaand it might be partially cliché (there is still a difference, right?), these 2 hours are well spent. There’s something along the lines how and why this kind of work is important (that even starts to thematize [too often forgotten or pushed aside] work ethics of this profession) that really appeals to me and the movie tries (more or less obvious) to transport this message. On top of this there’s a flair of current developments, the zeitgeist. Not selling a bunch of newspapers anymore, the pressure this adds on reporting, the approach to/of the online branch of papers and the conflict between these and more traditional ways… Though I’m obviously in favor of new possibilities, the moment in the end, when they decide to print their story, didn’t come over as too preachy or pathetic, because there still are reasons to have something on paper and that’s basically what they are validating in this scene. It especially makes sense in a case as the one portrayed in the movie. A website can be shut down/go offline/whatever (the Amazon “incident” wasn’t needed to demonstrate this, but it did nicely remember people), but thousands of delivered newspapers are out there. Done.
It was only through this movie, that I learned its story is based on an earlier series, which I will now have to watch too. Certainly my remembering the movie would have been heavily influenced by the series, if I’d known it beforehand. I’m good with writing this now nonetheless.


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