If you come to think of it (33)

I couldn’t help myself but wonder how Velvet Assassin would be with Duke Nukem as the player character, having played Manhattan Project previously (again). Duke lingering careful in the shadows; trying not to make a sound (which would be really hard to do with his mighty boots!)… Whispering his taunts instead of yelling them around… And of course, when pressing SPACE, he would whistle (one of Violette Summer‘s abilities to lure guards into a trap) – the well known DN title theme! It would also deliver great lines for the famous (since the age of Thief) talks, guards always do when sneaking up on them. “Did you hear the stories, that Duke Nukem has gone stealth?!? He could be right behind us or in those bushes over there!!!” “Oh come on… that’s ridiculous!”
Being frustrating is no argument here (because of laying low with the most bold character), since waiting for DNF would always be worse in comparison.

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