Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (16)

The extremely embarrassing amateur-video of (now dead) loved ones (usually wife/kids), the shattered hero watches to reminisce, while off-putting, pseudo-emotional music is played…

Dark.Blue S01E01 - 00000

Oh please stop filming me! I never would have accepted this gig if I’d known this would only be used for the shitty amateur-video, the hero has to cry to at the end of the episode…

Dark.Blue S01E01 - 00001

Seriously, I deserve better, I took acting classes! I wanna play a real character, inside the actual footage!

Dark.Blue S01E01 - 00002

My life sucks! My wife is dead, I’m home alone and all I’ve got to watch is this shitty amateur-video… And if that weren’t enough, all you do is being appalled by the stupidity of scenes like this one!!! No one ever thinks of me, how I feel about having to do stupid jobs like this one, just to make ends meet! Now I’m really depressed and sad, like the scene requires me to be!


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