Scandal Uncovered: No Green Guybrush in SE!

As prophesied in my awesome review of MI SE, here’s even more: As every person on the planet knows very well, Guybrush Threepwood can hold his breath for no less than 10 minutes! After that, he unfortunately gets green and dies the horrible death of suffocation… But as this shocking footage reveals, not so much in the Special Edition! That’s a little sad, since GT originally switches between nice colors like green, red and blue. So his demise really doesn’t come as a surprise. F10 is your friend.



Who said you can’t die in LA adventures? Not me!




  1. 1 SCUMM™ Stays Superior « adrift

    […] the whole step superfluous, to turn the commands on, every time they are needed (2 steps actually). Guybrush’s death scene is also a fine example (I refer to the modified SCUMM […]


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