Old Zahn Interview

TFN: About the midi-chlorians and ysalamiri: do they have “anti-midi-chlorians” or what?

TZ: I do not like the midi-chlorian idea at all. I hope that it will maybe be dropped. It sounds like an attempt to make a scientific basis for something that really was more mystical to begin with. I’m not sure of the purpose of it. Maybe it’ll show up later on as being important. But the idea that you can scan for a Jedi with a blood test bothers me for some reason. I’ve always thought of the Force as more like a talented art, that is something that “if you’ve got it, you know it and you can develop it,” but it’s not something that you can look at a person and say “okay, he’s got that talent,” just cold.


The same thing always bothers me… I guess there’s a reason his SW books are worth reading.


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