Tales of Monkey Island – Chapter 1


They kept the typical island maps and the chapter screens.



The first shocker: They use keyboard control. I didn’t play Telltale’s Wallace & Gromit games (uses keyboard), so my last experience was with Sam & Max (was completely usable with mouse). It seems like it is an evolution their games went through (they “went keyboard”). In the first second, I was really mad at myself for buying it before knowing more about the series, but playing a few minutes showed it wasn’t as bad, as I initially feared. WASD works too (besides the cursor keys), so playing it is even similar to a shooter (objects can be selected with the mouse cursor at the same time). In any case, it’s still much better than the horrible keyboard only handling of Monkey Island 4. Maneuvering Guybrush in front of objects, so he would look at them, was the adventure, not the actual game.
The graphics are powered by the usual Telltale engine, they use for everything. The style is close to the last titles, not the first 2. I admit that would be hard to do. The clothing seems to originate from 2, however.
The inventory is more complex than it was in S&M, it allows to combine items and finally a few things lie around. The puzzles are more complex now, but still remain rather easy. Harder than Sam & Max, but way easier than the original Monkey Island.
Especially with the hint system they have, they would have had the chance to go nuts here. To me it seems more logical to have a hint system and hard puzzles. It seems like a wasted chance, because with the hint system both paths could have been served. Hard riddles and still staying user friendly with the option to turn on the hint system. But alright.
What I missed was the option to highlight all usable items. This is one of the few things that modern adventures should have.
Though you gotta be careful judging over the first installment in a 5 part series, I’m gonna say that this game is beyond the shadow of a doubt clearly aimed at people who are already Monkey Island fans (surprise!) because of the legend (not the secret) that surrounds the (first 2) games. 3 was alright too. If your adrenaline level doesn’t rise when hearing the name Guybrush Threepwood and it means as much to you as any other, you’ll have a much harder time being happy with the episode. I, as a fan, like it, because it’s pretty much what I expected from it (except for the partial keyboard handling), concerning graphics, humor and story.


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