Movies that didn’t suck (10)

The Ramen Girl[2008] - 00000

The Ramen Girl[2008] - 00001

In this movie, Brittany Murphy follows her boyfriend to Japan, but he’s just being a dick and walks out on her soon, leaving her stranded completely alone in another country, whose language she doesn’t speak. Not wanting to give up so easily, she decides to stick around, just in case her fellow still might show up again.
Being down from all the hardship, she stumbles into a Ramen shop close to her place. Inspired by the atmosphere there, she becomes determined to learn this craft.
And so the owner soon becomes her sensei, a situation that causes lots of hilarity, since he doesn’t speak her language either.
I liked the story a lot, I was only unsatisfied with the ending, because it’s a little confusing, sudden and doesn’t resolve enough. At least I wanted to know more.


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