Movies that didn’t suck (9)

watchmen - 00001

I wasn’t sure if I should add this film to this series, because it’s such an obvious choice. On the other hand, it would be hypocritical not to do it. All this complaining about movies having a miserable, predictable or even no plot at all and then not being happy when a movie does it right, is properly thought through… The plot was unpredictable to me, since I haven’t read the comic book. Maybe I should, Dave Gibbons, the dude from Beneath a Steel Sky, was involved.
There are so many flicks that are referred to as “blockbusters” and whatnot, everything just for the sake of attracting a few more peeps, who fall for this far too easily. A mere hype, to hopefully make a few extra bucks. Watchmen on the other hand, IS a blockbuster. In the big ocean of movies titled alike with such forced euphemisms, it’s almost weird by now, when a real one comes along. This production shouldn’t be watched “between things” and one should rather take the time to experience it fully concentrated. Everything else is a waste.
What I enjoyed here is a diverse group of main characters, who are all important and not just have a part, but play one in the events of the story. With X-Men (mentioned solely for the sake of being a group of several heroes too) it was more like, here’s Hugh Jackman and over there’s the rest. Maybe that’s a little overdone, but there always seemed to be some focal point.
The first part of the movie I wasn’t so sure if I would like it, it still could have gone either way or so I thought, but in retrospective it was right and necessary. There died my only real issue with Watchmen.

watchmen - 00000

I envy your color, your blueness!

watchmen - 00002

You know, I’m only this pissed, because they killed off my character in Supernatural!

watchmen - 00003

If you mistake me for Batman, you don’t know graphic novels at all! Also, I hate you!


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