Ghostbusters – The Video Game


They are back! And not in some sucky movie sequel (although a new movie is in talks – I hope for the best), but in a game that’s exactly how I always wanted one. The entire thing is almost like a huge dream! The whole core team is back for voices, meaning Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis and Hudson. The graphics are fantastic, everyone looks exactly like the actors did at the time of the movies. For once it’s more than just a likeness.
The game is played like a third person shooter. “Everything” from the movies is in the game and more. There are 4 weapons, each with 2 fire options. It’s possible to buy upgrades for all of them. Of course the protonic weapons and slime throwers are amongst them. It’s as much fun as it could possible be, to fire them in a game. The skill level is very balanced, it’s neither too easy, nor frustrating to maneuver a ghost right into the trap. The proton stream handles as it was portrayed in the movies. Certain boss enemies (and some of their minions) are defeated differently, without using the trap. Here comes another positive aspect of the gameplay – the equipment allows for some interactions with the environment, to solve smaller puzzles, for example. The weapons are good for more than just fighting, somewhat similar to Half-Life [1]. Most objects in the game world aren’t fixed and can be moved, destroyed. This really adds to the feeling, when catching the ghosts creates a huge mess. Let’s face it, to some part, that’s exactly what Ghostbusters was about [2]. The game even counts the damage caused (in $) and displays it amongst other information as statistics, similar to GTA. The levels further offer several hidden items (in each), that can be tracked with the PKE meter, just as it does with ghosts. Goggles and the PKE can be used anytime, although the PKE is even visible and working, when it just hangs on the player character as part of the equipment. The level of detail is as high in all aspects of the game world. The proton pack is portrayed in more detail, than it was in the movies, since it was enhanced since then. Lots of blinking lights, graphs and other particulars meet the eye.
The player is introduced as a “new recruit”, a fifth ghostbuster, who helps out in the current adventure. Several missions take place in familiar locations. Places as the Sedgewick Hotel, where they caught their first ghost (Slimer). Pure fun, bringing chaos there once again. Now is the time to mention, that all spots hit with the proton streams, all the misses, leave beautiful burned traces behind… :)
Between missions the headquarter (whose animated exteriors also serve as the game menu) is accessible, which is stuffed with things from the movies (and all the hidden, optional artifacts from the game, if and as soon as, found). Many items are even interactive, like the slides (who needs stairs to go down in a fire station) Vigo’s painting (!) and the answering machine holds calls and counts down correctly…
The only downsides I encountered, are that the game is too short (so I’m afraid I will have to play it again) and there could have been more optional upgrades for purchase. I found most (if not all) of the hidden artifacts (earns money too, like caught ghosts) and I had lots of money left after I bought everything the game had to offer.


A weapon strongly resembling the proton pack appears in the computer game Half-Life, where it is called the Gluon gun, and is also sometimes called quantum de-stabilizer. The gun’s object identifier is weapon_egon, but this name is never visible to the player. This would appear to be a reference to the character Egon Spengler, who created the device in the movie.


Dr Ray Stantz: I think we’d better split up.
Dr. Egon Spengler: Good idea.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Yeah… we can do more damage that way.



  1. 1 Best PC Games Based on Movies « Kozar Cool Blog

    […] 4) Ghostbusters: The PC Game: What would you like to work when you grow up? … The Ghostbusters! A trap for catching ghosts, a dematerialized Ectomovil and a spear-ray is all that we want Santa to leave us under our Christmas tree. Ghost hunter work was our childhood dream. With characters identical to the protagonists of the series (with its leading voices on loan) Ghostbusters was one of the best digital adaptations detached from the big screen. Maybe it was a game that did not meet our expectations, but nobody can deny that a flood of memories we Ochentosos tears filled our eyes with nostalgia. Sticky … miss you! […]


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    […] Ghostbusters: The PC Game: What would you like to work when you grow up? … The Ghostbusters! A trap for […]


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