If you come to think of it (29)

With podcasts, it’s now like it once was with porn (no, not because everyone already thinks of porn after hearing/reading the first 2 letters). Wait, let me explain. Remember, when there were so many 1.jpg files on every data medium? Rename, rename… Now I’m not gonna complain again about the fact, that I hate it, that jpgs don’t say the “names” of the women they feature (because that would be awesome; just for the sake of finding more easily), but it absolutely adds to how easily exchangeable content has become, how lossy. I just tried to listen to a Monkey Island podcast (downloaded it a few days ago and now I finally wanted to listen to it), but I found several podcast3.mp3, podcast03.mp3 […] files on my drive. I did find the correct podcast eventually, but it quickly became apparent how disadvantageous this is. “Nobody” thinks of naming it after the title of the show, let alone adding a date or an URL, maybe to the MP3 tags (JPG files allow meta data too, wise up guys!). But no, it’s “always” nothing more than a blank file. If the user doesn’t make all of these notes/changes himself, all this information is gone. I have no way of knowing where I found this podcast in the first place, if I liked it, I can’t listen to more, because only sheer luck could make me stumble about the same site again and even then there’s no guarantee I will notice this. It goes on from here; try to archive such files. In most cases I’ll end up deleting them, because there’s “no” sensible method to do it.


  1. Luke

    sensible? reasonable?
    jpg file metadata???
    send me some of that stuff you’re taking :D


  2. I genuinely don’t think it’s too much to ask that some entries are made, when that’s the very reason those file formats were equipped with the option of meta data in the first place.

    I don’t think I’m unreasonable, when I’m suggesting a simple link or name in a podcast MP3 file. When someone is recording a podcast that sometimes is hours long, the adding of a link, or at least naming the file a little bit enlightening, should be nothing more than a small effort.

    And the stuff I’m on is called Sencha, you can get it everywhere quite easily.


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