One Topic, Multiple Pages

I hate them! I really do. Do you know those websites, with content like “the 500 most naked women in the world” or “999 games you wouldn’t play for free” and every single entry is a separate page? Next, next, next… Are these secret tests how tough visitors are? If there is even a single person, who manages or is willing to click 999 times? Maybe the military gets recruits this way, for operations that require extremely high endurance. I don’t know.
They don’t put this stuff on a single page, so it would be possible to just scroll through it in one piece. Whenever I hit such a page, I immediately leave. I don’t even click the second entry. No way in hell. The sites I’m talking about, are also very short. Every entry barely fills one single screen. So there isn’t even the slightest reason to split anything up. Sometimes it leads to missing some content, because visitors don’t expect the existence of a second page, when there’s absolutely no reason for it. Could be a method to push ad revenue. I wonder if it pays off.


  1. MatthewML

    Que Pasa? Sitting in class right now, bored out of my mind since I know all this stuff.

    Ok like.. does anyone know of some decent proxies? I found a decent blog that has a fresh list but like I could use a few more lol. Come on does anyone know how to unblock these annoying filters? Share!


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