Password Safe 3.18

New Features for 3.18

* [2793283] Allow entry to override doubleclick setting.
* [2793280] Browse+Autotype added to configurable double click actions.
* Implement Virtual Keyboards for multilingual passphrase entry.
* DragBar now has ToolTips to inform user of its use.
* User can close the currently open database via the System Tray menu.
* Improved Merge reporting.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.18

* New toolbar icon set has been replaced with icons based on famfamfam’s silk set.
* Reworked Add and Edit dialogs into Property Pages.

Bugs fixed in 3.18

* [2795428] Browse+ on Toolbar now inactive if no URL present
* [2795427] Duplicate of “Display Subset of Password” removed from Context Menu (right-click on entry).
* [2789873] Status bar now updated properly after Browse to URL and other actions that copied data to the clipboard.
* [2782413] No longer crashes when loading 0302 formatted headers (from ~v3.08).
* [2779705] Reserved shortcuts (Ctrl+Q, Alt+F4 and F1) now work.
* Run Command now correctly copied via Drag & Drop.
* Allow all fields to be selected for Compare function.
* Fixed crash if renaming an entry to one that already exists.



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