Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (15)

The demon/alien/shape shifter-thing that suddenly looks like a former buddy/lover/family member.

There’s nobody who’s not familiar with this situation: The hero is fighting demons and/or minions of the evil kind (okay, we barely get to see another…) in an old base/temple/pit/hell/school/average workplace with his favorite gun and all is well. Maybe he’s down to his last clip, but hey – that’s why he’s carrying a knife too (or even something cooler like a chainsaw!). It’s just what some people do on their own time. You gotta keep those idle hands busy.
Then there’s this nuclear/thermite plasma device about to go off. As if that would surprise anyone. You know, without nuking the whole area, the demons could escape. The whole world could be destroyed, when the evil is allowed to spread.
So the hero is on the clock now, to get out just in time (while the explosion is recognizable in the background). Not that it would be a real problem, BUT he didn’t meet the final enemy YET. And there simply MUST be one. Maybe it’s just a c-movie made for the “toughest” of audiences, but even here certain rules apply, even here you’ll have things they’ll never do.
Also, every hero has a person in his past, he was attached to, or felt responsible for. The boss enemy will now appear masked as this person, teasing the hero, with personal stuff he could never know. Instead of just killing the monster and walking out, the protagonist will listen to everything the evil incarnation has to say. Even if it’s the image of the useless best bud!
Sure, I met you ~30 years ago once on the street and you were an ass (that’s why I remember), I know it’s not that person and the thermite plasma will burn everything into oblivion in mere seconds, but here I wait anyway! Completely plausible! Why pay for therapy, if the demon does it for free?

If the hero has a team (which gets killed off before the end, except for the hot chick), the members of it are killed one by one. They’ll all fall for the same trick, although they know (at some point) there’s some serious shape shifting going on. None of them goes like, “Wait a second, wasn’t everyone else killed by a shape shifting demon?!? And they still try the same trick on me??? And what on earth would a naked Angelina Jolie do here anyway, in the deepest level of the Temple of Doom™ right across from the gateway to hell?!? How stupid do you think I am *beep*, take THIS!”.

In some scenarios a person is doubled (not every alien/demon has lots of imagination). 2 similar looking folks fight and the third dude has to decide whom to kill. Then one of them says “Kill us both!” and that’s the bad one, because he thinks the good one would say that, but the hero knows this and kills the right guy. Or if they are females he just kisses all of them and only the real GF knows how to do it right (hahahahahaha, it’s a movie!).


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