Old News

Because it’s from 2009/03/30. But I never read it until now.

Microsoft has announced that it is discontinuing its Encarta line of products. The software products will be gone by June 2009 and the website will go down October 31, 2009.


The software giant says that the “category of traditional encyclopedias and reference material has changed” and that “people today seek and consume information in considerably different ways.” It doesn’t go into more detail, e.g., lack of sales or Wikipedia’s tremendous growth.


Woah! If you still wanna download some updates, you better do it right now, or…

Typical MS, they trash such a huge product line and give absolutely no explanation.

If they would be cool, they would simply put all of it on a new website. Maybe they wouldn’t make huge amounts of money with ads or whatever, but it’s better than to simply throw away all of their articles. Lots of them were really good, IIRC.

I wonder what people do, who just bought Encarta and can’t download their online parts anymore, because the site is taken offline.

If Valve will ever shut down Steam, people will die of shock!


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