Death to Focus Stealers!

I’ve already talked several times about actual usability enhancements (in new operating systems, that they will never roll out to us, often in favor of crap no one wants or needs) in the past, but you know how it is, tons of the real important ideas go amiss.
A major enemy of every user is the focus stealer. Since it became mainstream in 1995, to operate multiple programs at the same time, it’s ever been a real possibility, that one program tries to gain user attention, while the person in question uses another.
It always runs down similar to this: The user is typing in a fluent fashion on his keyboard, the evil app pops up with SOMETHING and whatever it was is confirmed, because it’s impossible to stop typing this fast. Now something was just approved and the current input is at fault too.
Software could really be improved right here: Make it possible to switch it off completely, that any app can just throw in a message window while another application is in use.
This option is needed right now and can only gain in importance. Machines just get more and more powerful to run endless amounts of programs simultaneously, so the issue can only increase.


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