Deadly Passage (Evening)

Now here’s a level name that’s well deserved! I already talked about X-Blades a while back. There’s a move in this game called speed roll, which is activated by pressing W once for a very short time, waiting a moment and then pressing W + Space together. This is the only move capable of avoiding the falling blades in “Deadly Passage”. Problem is, even when pressing the keyboard combo exactly right, this move doesn’t always result. Handling is usually really good in this game, it’s just this move that doesn’t work as good. Oh and, of course, one contact with the blades is enough to suffer an on-screen death. There are 4 blades and it’s always “fun” when the move doesn’t work in front of the last one and therefore having to start over (no in-level saving available).
It’s necessary to pass this level twice in the game (the first go is just labeled “Deadly Passage”), but only the second round kills at first failure. So the first is still easy.

Here’s a video of the first one, where you don’t die instantly:

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