Movies that didn’t suck (8)

The.Batman.vs.Dracula[2005] - 00000

Some movies try to combine a good, gripping story with lots of action and fail at both, when they try to achieve too many goals. The Batman vs Dracula wins on this one, for it focuses on the action. How lame would it be, having this title and only long talks took place?
The story orients itself on typical expectations, I only sighed at the scene, in which Joker and Penguin can break out of Arkham at any time. Why would they stay, if it’s that easy?
It’s just a fun movie to see for everyone who actually likes Batman. Only this crowd would run into trouble, but why on earth would they watch it in the first place?

The Batman vs Dracula” is worth watching for the scene alone, when Dracula is told that a bat is gonna come to kick his ass. :D Pure genius!

The.Batman.vs.Dracula[2005] - 00001

I hate to break it to you D., BUT…

The.Batman.vs.Dracula[2005] - 00002

The.Batman.vs.Dracula[2005] - 00003

People coming over to your castle with torches and pitchforks? NEVER a good sign!

The.Batman.vs.Dracula[2005] - 00004

I imagine a matter of life and death must be at stake, for her running around in Gotham completely alone in the middle of the night. Did she just hear a sound?

The.Batman.vs.Dracula[2005] - 00005

Vicki Vale, Vick-uh Vicki Vale (Vickity Vale)

The.Batman.vs.Dracula[2005] - 00007



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