Much Left To Be Desired

It’s kinda sad, how people, who made their first contacts with comments and communication in the web in blogs, don’t really know how shitty this is, compared to real forums. Comments (the way they are realized in blogs) are nice and all (in terms of the sheer necessity of commenting at all), but having actual discussions and more broad communications in them, comes as a strain. No options whatsoever. The most needed option is always to quote what someone else said; to react to others. Every single time when commenting, this takes the fun out of it. It’s not impossible, but feels like a lot of work and effort (setting up all needed tags manually) to make it happen. So it’s no surprise “no one” does it.
There are so many hindrances, think of addressing a certain entry, and then the blog owner restores comments from the spam filter. Now all comments after them are counted anew. Perfect frustration.
This might raise the question why I’m, being convinced by this, running a blog instead of a forum. Counting the comments around here will answer this; but it’s an issue nonetheless, for anyone commenting frequently wherever.


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