Front ‘n’ Back: More lens flares as in Star Trek!



I’ve seen a lot worse arenas in games of this kind.

I red the most horrible things about X-Blades EVERYWHERE. So the course of action became transparent. I had to play it right now! I just finished Condemned: Criminal Origins (which I could have finished in 1/3 the time if the character wouldn’t walk so damn slow!) so a next title was coming up anyway. And it’s like I knew it right away. The game is not nearly as bad as reviews described it.

It’s about a chick with blades, guns (actually the blades are the guns as well, I think – gunblades), magical abilities and there are tons of enemies to kill! I was born to play this kind of game…
The handling is really good, nice moves (pressing jump mid-air makes the player character spin nicely and the way the PC handles the blades while running is really sweet), spells don’t have any pre-binding and are custom-bound as soon as they were “bought” (defeating enemies accumulates points which can be used to purchase new abilities). The graphics are alright and contribute their part to the overall pretty fast-paced gameplay.

It’s an action game like Serious Sam was a shooter. Don’t expect spectacular, new things in terms of story or level design, but it IMHO really does the job of spot on action. So only people expecting something above that should be disappointed. But especially with all the bad reviews I really didn’t.

The second level already confirms what I perceived as an exception in the first one: All levels are only small spaces similar to arenas designed to have full frontal battles against the enemies. They are less designed to discover anything, although there are “artifacts” and other items. In the beginning I still thought it might be this small for tutorial purposes only.

I did the screenshots after breaking all the enemy resistance, had my hands full during. So no adversaries in sight, sorry.


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