ME 2 better brings no Securom this time

If you have the save-game file from the first game on your Xbox 360 or PC, the game will load your character and every skill, conversation, and decision you made in the first game will carry over. If someone died in the first Mass Effect, don’t expect to see them in the sequel. While other games have interacted with your previous saves, Bioware has upped the ante for carrying your character and game over.

Good job Bioware, telling this NOW.

You need to survive this game as Shepard to play the third one…

Riiight. I’m sure Bioware will forbid anyone dying in 2 to buy 3 then.

I would be completely happy if they just build different locations and planets. In 1 all planets were the same except for color. The inside of buildings was identical except for a few stapled crates. No matter what planet it was, the player could run inside and take cover without looking around, every place was known inside out. The feeling of discovering something was utterly destroyed.
There were too few talks with the people onboard the Normandy. I remember talking to people over and over again after missions, hoping something new would have come up but it never did.
Many quests were boring. Anyone remember the AI mission on the moon? Everything started so cool and interesting, but it always turned out boring. Nothing special ever happened.
Those were the problems of ME 1. Not graphics, not setting, not options. All of this was already great.
The game often left the player with the feeling that it was too complex to really finish it. And so the countless generic places were put into it.
I mean, driving to the exact same 3 things on every single planet? Ugh.
There really was no other downside with this game.
Except: The inventory. It was easy to reach the maximum. That was horrible also. Reaching a number and not being able to go infinite. No previous Bioware game had this, IIRC. This has to go too.
Maybe more items in general would have been a wonderful idea. I remember being a millionaire in the end. But there wasn’t much I could do with all the cash. When does that happen?


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