3.5 preview release

I just wanted to say that, I think it’s kinda stupid what Mozilla is doing there right now with its Firefox 3.5 Beta 99 whatnot. Not being a Beta and neither a RC. Come on. Preview sounds like it’s still Alpha or something. Not appropriate for something close to final. They just should have called it Beta 5. If they weren’t ready for it, they shouldn’t have released it in the first place. They could have focused all their energy on becoming final. Who really needs to see 3.5 for one reason or another, is always free to grab a Nightly version. For what does Mozilla have those around, if it’s not for checking the development status at any time? That should satisfy any curiosity.
I really hope this thing becomes final soon so this will all be over. No one needs even more statuses in software development besides Beta, RC…
I’m using Shiretoko Nightlies myself for some time now and can’t think of a reason to grab the 99. I’m probably not alone.
The mass of different branches is irritating.
Peeps using a previous official beta version, can receive the 99 through an auto update.

mozilla devnews


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