Movies that didn’t suck (7)

Push[2009] - 00000

The movie is with the dude from Not Another Teen Movie and the kid from The Secret Life of Bees, quite uncommon choices. When combined.

Push[2009] - 00001

I even recognized the vampire boss from Blade! Good job in this series as well…

Considering the pictures so far, this could be a movie about people in cars suffering from an abundance of lens flares. But actually, the story focuses on people with diverse abilities that are the results of experiments carried out by several (competing) governments. Since these groups rarely do such experiments with good intentions (or you can end in hell even IF it all started with the best of intentions), what we get to see here, is how this aim for power plays out.

But this is no Marvel flick (after the Marvel movie floods of the recent years, their ways can be considered a certain “standard”, especially for the superhero movie genre). The rather unconventional style is the reason for it to be mentioned here. The film certainly has its rough edges too, but since it’s not from Jar Jar, I’m cutting it some slack.

Push[2009] - 00002

Sometimes having superpowers comes at a price. Like having to read the future from THIS.

Push[2009] - 00003

Or unspecified eye-conditions.

Push[2009] - 00004

They just pulled the ancient technique of opening doors by screaming their locks off!

Push[2009] - 00005

He smokes cigars AND he made a child cry. This guy is EVIL (although it’s really hard to dislike someone who helped free the oppressed in The Island)!

Push[2009] - 00006

Hot or creepy?

Push[2009] - 00007

Great idea, bringing this entire construction down, while standing right under it!


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