Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 6.2

6.2 (151 MB) / Changes

(+) denoted changes can only be seen when you are playing the Plus Version of this patch.

  • +Restored Dragon’s Breath available from Mercurio, thanks to Lenuska.
  • +Swapped Pyro Crossbow at Fu Syndicate with squashed Odious Chalice.
  • +Exchanged the Pyro Crossbows of temple guards with normal crossbows.
  • +Removed prop grenade and made Gary ask for squashed Odious Chalice.
  • +Raised minimum humanity for killing innocents to three like in hubs.
  • +Placed Glock near killed sewerworker as mentioned in his clipboard.
  • Restored boss flags for Chastity and Mercurio and fixed Fu terminal.
  • Removed additional items in basic patch to improve mod compability.
  • Corrected Phil dropping freezer passcode note and minor text issues.
  • Fixed grenade icon, Empire note and possible Leopold Society crash.
  • Removed some SM clinic ambient sounds and made Dima go wait outside.
  • Restored Arthur and Knox bounty hunter lines and fixed Isaac issue.
  • Removed some unusable Ming temple door knobs and corrected fax date.
  • Improved Protean claws inventory model and icon, thanks to Lenuska.

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