It’s set up to be (like this)

A whole while back I used to play a game called “KF” (I won’t spell it out), it was a web based “RPG”. The game was divided by free accounts (with ads) and bonus accs, which charged a few bucks (for each month). While it was true, that the bonus accs weren’t necessary to play per se, it was the sheer reality, that no one could compete with a bonus player.
Even a “better” player would, in the end, succumb the power of moolah. What happens? People become bonus players, to avoid this frustration. Just to keep up, to have a chance. The same, at least.
The next (even worse) step is, that players have to react to the game. Not the other way around. After paying, it doesn’t make sense to ignore it, right? No, that would be wasted money… But also, without playing “all the time”, other players will get the upper hand again (which was the motivation to go commercial in the first place). It’s not like they need sleep. Or have other hobbies.
I noticed how I started to check the game every few hours, I could miss an incident, or it could be necessary to react fast to something.
So I did the only thing I could do. I deleted my bookmarks, all passwords, every piece of information I had on this site. And I never went there again. I buried (at least) 60 bucks in this game. Lesson learned.
Sometimes I still receive an email. They promise me a few days of free bonus playing (although my premium account was payed in advance for ~1 year), to lure me back into the game. I delete it, immediately.
I understand, when people say it doesn’t has to be like this. But it’s set up for this, at its very core principle.
And that’s why I’ll probably never like online RPGs, offline RPGs have all the fun without the drama.


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