And this is why Trek rules. Got it?

Maybe the earth (and mankind along with it) will be destroyed in mere hours by a yet unknown and lethal alien cloud, but that means in no way, you can’t put 2 dudes (especially with them being Kirk ‘n’ Scotty) in a shuttle needlessly flying around the ENTERPRISE again and again for ages while the STAR TREK music pumps out of your loudspeakers at an insane volume and the ENTERPRISE can be seen from all sides multiple times. In numerous CLOSE-UPS. None of this matters, as long as Kirk is in command and the Enterprise is ready to go to warp (or ENTERPRISE-whatever). Kirk knows what’s best in times like this as no other. Saving humanity, from being wiped out, has to take a backseat, when it comes to looking at the ship and listening to the original soundtrack of the original motion picture (talk about being badass, witnessing Kirk NOT yelling now all the time, no matter how pressing the issue might be!). You wouldn’t ask God stupid questions either, because, as we all know, Kirk asks God! That’s the way it is man, I’m telling you! Ask nobody!

And just to prove how legit this is, completely thought out and written in my mom’s cellar™! Which is located in my mom’s house, in case someone was still wondering!

But (more) seriously now, this is one of the best scenes ever done in a Trek movie, hands down, I love it so much and these 10 moments are altogether very well chosen, respect. This is also why I don’t understand AT ALL when people are saying the uneven number movies were bad etc… Frankly, I don’t even accept this as a theory, let alone fact. The original Enterprise being blown up to stick it to the enemy and doing the mission no matter what (III), dissing “God” (V), rather dying moving things than existing forever in paradise (VII; which also is THE definitive definition of heroism to me)? Come on!


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