Windows 7 Weirdness

I don’t get the whole Windows 7 positive perception party that’s going on throughout the net. I must be the only person who wasn’t enthusiastic about Vista (to say the least) because of what they did with DirectX 10 (buy Vista “or go to hell”) or the new WGA version that they had to dim down with SP1, or the drivers that had to be signed in the x64 version. The things that happened in the wake of this, weren’t any more positive. But what negative aspects are usually reported or remarked? The handling would be bad, or the OS would be slow/unstable. The only stupid feature of Vista’s GUI I can locate, is the abundance of assistants.
Their idea was probably to make it easier, but what really arose, was a lot of unnecessary stuff that users now have to click away, before reaching the actual goal. It takes more time now. So why all the hate about little of substance and the ignorance of the real annoyances, both at the same time?
Vista represented more control over users freedoms than XP did, but hardly a worse GUI… I guess it’s typical, that people weren’t bothered at all by the first part. All media outlets report the same vague GUI critics. Vista SP2 (and SP1) is just not an unstable OS.
Windows 7 on the other hand, is (by the same media) praised for every bullcrap. Since Vista and 7 don’t differ too much on pure GUI appearance, it’s not that much of a stretch to claim the same things are advertised now, that were damned earlier.
Windows 7 gets kudos for the PowerShell, which can be installed on every Windows down to XP… Okay, who expects this crowd to make sense…
Although the media seems to spin these stories quite often, people should know better. There are more than enough real tweaks people could want, so I don’t see why anyone would freak about something he is supposed to like. It appears that 7 is reported good for the same reasons, Vista was deemed bad. And I’m just not happy at all about the fact that 7 inherits still the same bitter pills introduced with Vista, but now I’m supposed to think it’s all good.


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