Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (13)

The skeptic, useless “best bud”.

He just might be nothing more than an ugly, useless bastard with no further features, but guess what: He’s the hero’s best bud. BFF. His wanna be sidekick, his right hand man. The dude with all the non-funny, dumb, lame, annoying, arrogant, inappropriate and superfluous jokes.
He’ll do all the things you don’t need in a moment of crisis and none of the things you WILL need. The entire family was kidnapped/killed? Perfect time to go for a beer, right? NO! Instead of kicking his ass around the globe, the hero will listen to his aforementioned jokes, take all his crap and do all the work on his own without the slightest constructive help.
If that wasn’t enough, he’ll also never believe anything the lead character claims.
Everyone remembers Scully, how she couldn’t reach Mulder witnessing UFOs in time, because the entire tunnel leading to him was SWARMING with aliens. She basically had to push all of them aside to reach Mulder. And yet, as always, she saw NOTHING. *beep* YOU Scullster!


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