Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (12)

The slow moving and yet unreachable person.

The main character is in desperate need to find a specific person. This person is his only lead. While he’s doing something unimportant and is heavily in thoughts, this person (usually a woman) suddenly stands in the streets! Not far, and not close enough to recognize her clearly. But it doesn’t matter, she has to be pursued, just to make sure. It’s so important after all! If the hero yells at her, she doesn’t seem to hear him and continues walking. The hero will pursue her pretty fast, probably even run, while she only walks relaxed, rather slow. Despite him moving at thrice her speed or more, the distance will stay the same, or even increase. The following will begin in a crowded place, but as the hunt continues, the guy will enter more and more abandoned places, with only him and the target attending them. But none of this will do him any good. Despite perfect chances, he’ll loose her. She’ll be gone without a trace. Vanished like the fucking G-Man walks through walls!
After the useless pursuit the man will have time to talk with his best bud/sidekick and can cry a little about the fact that it was her and that he is sure and that he almost got to her, that he isn’t batshit crazy although no one else saw her etc…


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