Prequel over Progress








I cannot help but wonder, if their budget was raised, or if they already fired away all their Cylon scenes for the season. The Caprica pilot had more Cylon sightings than all 4 seasons of BSG counting the movie and the mini-series. I missed a little more of that earlier. So that’s good.
The pilot wasn’t bad in general, although I really have to say that I’m no fan of prequels. They seem a little contradictory to me. Having nothing to add to a story and therefore having to go back and let the plot unfold in the past… Close to a cheat. At some point people should consider that the story is now told and over. But nowadays, if a writer is out of ideas and doesn’t know how to continue something, he’s not thinking of something new or realizing he might be done with it, but takes it as a sign to do a prequel…
The next real disadvantage of a prequel, is that the parent story might be lingering like a shadow over it. So, even if a story is done decent, it could be weighed down by something else. How should you truly care about a story, if you know it’s end before it starts? Just imagine how stupid it would be, if a prequel wouldn’t fit at all with what happens later. Some surprises are important, when done within the realm of reason. Creating a plot with restrictions is not the best starting point either.
Unfortunately, I think, this might be the case with Caprica. The BSG finale was so bad, it could have made me puke, if I still would have expected something of it. The writers way, to explain (or rather trying to) everything with an involvement of God, was horrible, to say the least.
Caprica doesn’t wait with that at all and uses this element from the get-go. But at least it’s fair, people can stay away immediately, without getting overly interested.
The plot of the first episode appears like an incarnation of Serial Experiments Lain in a setting with Cylons. Which was what kept me around. These elements are promising. But so was BSG.


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