Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (10)

The good guys try to warn someone. Someone who’s targeted by vicious killers or some more common thugs (yet still dangerous enough), at least. But although they know exactly, that the world is after the person, they will go there alone and not bring any helpful equipment. If they have guns, they will only take one clip of ammo, so they can empty it aimlessly except for one last bullet, to have only one single try left. They will also make such a fuss about the search, that all the evil doers, who had no clue where to look for the poor sucker so far, have to pick up on it and can simply follow them to their target. When the heroes reach the guy, they’ll find out he’s already in hiding (or at least reasonably safe for the time being) and would have been completely fine without them (Yes, thanks a lot, I know the mafia is after me, morons!). Unfortunately they will leave the door to the safe house wide open and unguarded while they discuss things, so the killers can step in any time (!) and start shooting.
Now, that our heroes/idiots are forced to take cover, in hope of surviving the firefight, they will think for the first time to call for backup. A backup, that will now only arrive after they’ve dealt with the situation on their own, so at this stage they could actually forget it without winning the dumbass award. And, because they don’t need any additional points for that.


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