Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (9)

Cell phones and/or radios are suddenly dead.

I understand that storytelling was easier in the eighties, when characters were trapped e.g. in a house, after the phone line was cut and that it became a little tougher in the late nineties, as soon as everyone got cell phones and no one would care about destroyed landlines anymore, since they could easily call for help anyway. The usual way to stick with the traditional storytelling became very soon the method (as innovative as the music industry here), in which all mobile devices don’t have service, or no one is on the other end of the radio, although there really is no reason for this. It’s not like there’s a huge jamming signal active. Folks living in the woods have well working cell phones and it’s highly unlikely, it wouldn’t work in the middle of a major city.
It’s especially stupid, because there are so many reasonable explanations for non-working phones. The battery could be discharged, or the phone could drop and be broken… Doesn’t even kill off later phoning. The characters could find a working phone later on.
Every time a cop shows up in a critical situation and is trying to call for backup, his radio won’t work. Then he gets killed and the survivors can try to reach his equipment which will only work in the end, if at all. In case the radio isn’t used, no one will ever show up, because apparently, colleagues won’t come looking if a cop goes missing… These incidents seem completely isolated from a working world. What annoys me most, is that they do it like this, when it would be so easy explained quite satisfying otherwise.


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