Movies that didn’t suck (6)

After trying to watch The Spirit, I was almost at the brink again, of staying away from movies altogether, it was that bad. Ugh. Didn’t even finish it. That alone only happens next to never. I just saw no point in continuing it anymore. Not every superhero story has to be made into a movie, The Spirit proves this point splendidly.
Since it’s been over two months, it was about time I found something better.
Shuttle did that, it kept me awake in the middle of the night, instead of wanting to sleep.
The movie follows some travelers, who just arrive at an airport and are a little exhausted themselves. Motion Sickness and the like. So their very simple goal is to get on the next ride home. To do that, they board the first wheeler that shows up, which just happens to be the name giver to this entire flick.
There are still lots of things to add, but it’s hard to do without spoiling the fun. So I’ll end it here.
Only one last thing for the haters, trying to create a 100% logical scenario is a desirable goal, but in some cases it leads to having no movie. So relax.


Don’t worry, Peyton List doesn’t need to hide her face, it’s all good… But no huge spoilers here, for a change. Let’s just say she made also Windfall watchable.


You know you are in a movie, when your shuttle is the only vehicle on the streets in a city and you are completely alone. I get it, that less people are strolling around at night, but nobody?


In cameras your trust misplaced may be.


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