The Limits

Are obviously much tighter than one might think, after reading the support database. Of the 10 updates I wrote today, 0 are left. I noticed suddenly, that 5 were gone, and then I could witness how the last 5 vanished one after another. The FAQ speaks of 1000 possible updates, before a limit is met, so 10 are a joke. This can’t be it.
The status doesn’t report anything related, so this is not considered a bug, I take it.
When I hate something, then it’s having my stuff deleted, especially when it’s without any explanation. I don’t care that it’s a free service. The sole reason for using it is to publish this electronic noise.
This is the second time it occurred. But the first time I was willing to accept it as a one time fuck up. Also it was only 3 deleted updates.
This limits the usefulness of this service down to the options of a mere feedreader.
While tweets vanish, the counted update number stays usually the same. My current status says 142 updates, while counting reveals there are only 129. Where did my 13 tweets go? For a perfect cover up, you have to make ends meet, not make it so easily provable… No I’m glad the number doesn’t correct itself.
I just contacted Twitter support about it, maybe they can conjure up some constructiveness.

//Update 2009/03/18

My lost tweets magically reappeared, though the status of my support effort is still listed as “This request is awaiting assignment to a help desk operator”. Case solved.

//Update #2

There you go:


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