No Post Revisions

A great way to loose a posting on WordPress is, if the session cookie, that stored the password, becomes invalid during an editing session. Normally WordPress automatically saves every posting once in a while, but this only works if the user is logged in correctly. Just because the user is no longer logged in, the editing window will not close or anything. It will just stop to store everything. So if this happens and WordPress demands user/password because of whatever trigger, the appropriate screen appears. After entering the login info, it’s only possible to return to a saved draft, which wasn’t even made, if the cookie became invalid “soon enough”. The back button won’t help either, it will only jump to an empty text box. Congratulations, the posting is now gone.
The only way to prevent this disaster (because who knows for sure when a session cookie becomes invalid?!?), is to notice it in time and to copy/paste the entire text as fast as possible into another application, without doing anything that could trigger the login screen. After this it’s time to reinsert the draft.
Most of the time not everything is gone, because the CMS managed to save at least one version before closing the account. But it’s still a loss, having only a very early edition of the text as backup.
It’s really something to think about, if it’s wise to write anything of importance into a browser window. For an offline application to show the same situation, the hard drive would have to die or at least the OS would have to crash (and when does that happen anymore, since Windows 98 is nothing but a bad dream, a long gone memory).
Also writing on a notebook and accidentally starting something because of the damned touchpad is a danger not to be ignored. A touchpad is as helpful under such circumstance, as it is in a shooter as a substitute for a mouse.
The reason I wrote this is my experience with Twitter and during this entry, of all things, I had half the text killed.


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