dimming down

I just red (only 3 editions behind – I’m that fast) that Windows 7 can now dim the displays of mobile devices when they are idle, to further save energy. But it’s only working, if the BIOS supports it. So far, it worked on no computer in the test with the then current Windows 7 Beta. Maybe some newer devices will receive BIOS updates later, so they will become compatible still.
Ubuntu already does dim displays when idle for quite some time. On every machine when the option is set. No matter what BIOS it has.


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    […] did with DirectX 10 (buy Vista “or go to hell”) or the new WGA version that they had to dim down with SP1, or the drivers that had to be signed in the x64 version. The things that happened in the […]


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    […] use this term again) additions to the power options, with the most noticeable being the option to dim down displays, after a while of idleness. The huge rest is identical with the rich, trusty options from Vista. […]


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