Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (7)

The “xx hours earlier” technique

The hero stands with his/her back to a wall, he/she is about to be executed! Oh my god! The hero of the show faces his/her death! 108 episodes before the show’s final!!! What might happen? What will happen now! This is so exciting, anything is possible! Wait. Anything? Really?
Who’s so gullible, to assume this might be the hero’s end? But because THEY think all viewers are, suddenly a text like “42 hours earlier” is faded in, right when the soldiers/bad guys raise their weapons to open fire.
Yesss, this is so earth-shattering. Now in retrospective all scenes are shown, which will build up to this pseudo-climax already shown… It’s supposed to create interest, but what it often really does, is the exact opposite, because it’s known from the start what will go down. And even this holds no thrill.
It’s like M. Night Shyamalan stating in the intro Bruce is dead (and considering his later movies it’s probably just a coincidence he didn’t). And then we are allowed to witness how long it takes the other characters to catch on… Argh…


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