Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows (6)

“Call an ambulance!” or “Somebody call an ambulance!”

The hero/main character has to yell this, because no one except him/her will be able to understand (those damn yokels), that the person lying on the ground with multiple knife and/or bullet wounds, spraying blood like a huge water fountain, is gonna need one. Yeah. The crowd, usually consisting of numerous people, will act like they were shot with phasers set to stun _until_ the (usually kneeling besides the victim) hero starts to yell. They will then act totally shocked, not by all the blood and/or gore, but from the volume level of his/her voice and thus be freed from their trances and suddenly run somewhere. Even people with cell phones on them will run a few steps FIRST, before making the call, as if the cell phone wouldn’t work close to the wounded person (=jamming signal?) and only in some specific hot spots at least 5 steps away.
As soon as the ambulance arrives, the paramedics will be asked an abundance of questions, “how soon will he be flying to the moon again”, or “we have to catch a plane in 10 minutes, will he make it”… But _before_ the paramedics even had the chance to look at the patient, let alone do any kind or form of examination. The doctor’s opinion will be asked immediately, nobody gives a damn he’s not even there yet and will see the patient later in the hospital for the first time… Every stupid method will be used, to slow the paramedics down in their attempt to bring the dying sucker to the bloody hospital.


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