Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 6.0

1.2 => 6.0 (147 MB) / 5.9 => 6.0 (80 MB) / Changes

Starting with Patch 6.0 you no longer need to install patch 1.2 first as this patch already includes it.

(+) denotes changes to Plus Patch


  • +Added Tremere Dominate tutorial info and repaired all clan CD email.
  • +Repaired Heather remembrance dialogue and Gary’s poster quest bugs.
  • +Made Ventrue enemies use disciplines and SWAT in armor not biteable.
  • +Added quest logs for Giovanni candidates and for the final endgame.
  • +Restored security guard and a sequence into the Skyeline Apartments.
  • +Made Romero pimpin quest available after zombie and fixed firearms.
  • Set the date of the game to 22.10.2004 and fixed minor text issues.
  • Added option to pay Vandal in case you can’t find him a replacement.
  • Restored two Asylum emails and added Johansen to Empire suite list.
  • Swapped an unique quest car at Giovanni’s and repaired it’s texture.
  • Restored erotic situations for the downtown, Hollywood and SM hubs.
  • Moved library card to locked Empire room and fixed Chunks attacking.
  • Added subtitles for the remaining conversations, thanks to Voerman.
  • Stopped Copper from leaving for infusion and improved selling order.
  • Repaired Nadia’s “c’mon” sequence, speaker names and a door handle.
  • Restored Ventrues to tower using females and Toreadors as variation.
  • Swapped wrecks on Blood Hunt map and added missing bar-break sound.
  • Fixed quest log update and xp gain on reaching Ming’s inner sanctum.
  • Made sweeper and Bertram Tung use disciplines if they are attacked.
  • Restored censored blood for intro and added some to the Hallowbrook.
  • Fixed pony tail of Kerri and glasses of Mandarin, thanks to MooCha.
  • Removed not working blood return when fighting against the Tzimisce.
  • Prevented gaining surplus xp by spoiling multiple Giovanni secrets.
  • Restored Dima and clinic guard text and removed a model at junkyard.
  • Fixed several bad particle files for magic fires and other effects.
  • Made Leatherface and Drifter player histories more likely to frenzy.
  • Added radio transcripts, thanks ellipsis_jones and gothemasticator.
  • Restored two Ocean House ghosts and Hellcat plus forklift sequences.
  • Removed Fu Syndicate lobby keypad code to avoid breaking the level.
  • Included official patch 1.2 files because official VTMB site closed.

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