mail address optional

Here and over on Blue Archive, the use of an email address is unnecessary/not mandatory to comment, a.k.a. “comment author must fill out name and e-mail” is unchecked. I dislike it myself to spread my address all over the web or feeling forced to make something up. Unfortunetly the form fields don’t say so/they don’t change whether it’s demanded or not. I guess there’s room for improving WordPress right here. A future version should look into this. A simple adding of an “optional” remark would suffice.

So, just wanted to state, that name/comment does it. Therefore the only reason to enter an email address, is to subscribe to future comments. Oh, and Wavatars are generated from the email address.
Unless I’m suddenly flooded with spam (yes, here’s one thing certainly not correlated to activity), that manages to circumvent akismet, I’ll leave it like this.


  1. chizzle

    Do you have any tips for spam on gmail? i’m looking for ways to help out my email functionality. so far i found Outlook Track-It which downloaded a small toolbar plugin for outlook and reminds me to follow up to emails. it’s amazing. i’d like more like that, if you know anything about others!


  2. Steve

    Chizzle – just use Yahoo! :)

    And yes, I use Outlook Track-It, as well. I love that you can flag emails for a followup reply reminder. Great for GTD and great add-in, as well.


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