Movies that didn’t suck (4)

I didn’t even know who Bill Maher is, before I watched this, but this dude has some serious wit and above all backbone, because I’m sure lots of people might like to punch him in the face, just for being rational.
It’s actually more of a documentation than a movie (because it is), but I won’t start a new category because of it.
It doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but the upside of that is, that it’s fast paced and never boring. Yet nothing feels like it was left out completely, that should have been in there.
If you are really open minded, nothing in this should offend you. Just watch it.


The world will end RIGHT HERE.



Call him Doc.^^


I don’t hate ’em, GOD hates ’em!



They don’t mention this in speeches.


Guess what rhymes!


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