Movies that didn’t suck (3)

I must admit, I wanted to see this movie since the moment I learned of its existence. The subject is way too interesting to me, that I would let it go under the radar.
I’m quite impressed how Josh Brolin controls his voice. Very. Sounds like the real thing. Try closing your eyes for a second and just listen. Remarkable.
Because it’s an Oliver Stone film, people will continue to say the movie is trying to display GWB in a negative light – while I think this movie _really_ tries to simply show the guy at certain stages (no movie can do more) of his life. To concentrate on the man, without passing judgment. I even believe Oliver Stone was aware of this from Day 1 and does his best to avoid any bias. I would like people, who perceive it in the former way, to really think about a method to portray a man as… say exceptional in different fields, while he… did some things the actual person did. Please be honest, at least to yourself. It’s my opinion that it would be quite a task, to spin e.g. the press encounters like the high points of a mastermind. Come on! And yes, the last press speech in “W.” is real. The actors repeat the words, but it happened. If you need more than this certainty, you just can’t be convinced. Which is fine, I was told there is a fanbase for absolutely everything.
I also disagree with statements, that the movie comes too soon and that some time should pass first. This is the time when all the media information is still fresh in people’s minds (of those who followed it in the first place, at least). The appreciation of this movie in the mainstream can only sink, once people start to forget. Which everyone totally will. As always.


I’m the decider!


You don’t have to sell me, you have to sell the american people! And Colin!


Bad Pretzel!


They own it, we run it!


God wants me to run for president! I can’t explain it!


It’s all because of that damn kraut Schroder! He used me as a piñata to get reelected! I won’t forget that!


He didn’t fight in the war, but he sure looks like he did! Women love that!


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