Windows PowerShell V2 Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP3)

It’s been a long time. However, CTP3 is out.

Selected New and Updated Features in Windows PowerShell V2 CTP3
(Please refer to Release Notes and Help topics for more details)

# PowerShell Remoting

# Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)

# 63 New Cmdlets

# Modules

# Script Debugging

# Advanced Functions

# PowerShell Class API


get-command works again. For some reason CTP2 didn’t list any cmdlets on my machine. I guess CTP3 is pretty much final.

//Update 2009/02/09

He actually explains why the help didn’t work on CTP2, so if you are interested in constructive explanation over my senseless rambling, read this.


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