Movies that didn’t suck (2)

Nothing But the Truth – is the “inspired by true events” film (imagine an underlined inspired, it’s very far from the actual story, so far I wouldn’t even call it connected, except for a few similarities; where my intention is not to say that this has a negative effect on the quality of this movie), in which a reporter is sent to prison, because she doesn’t reveal a source. Normally this wouldn’t fly so easily, but this time an evil prosecutor (along a judge of course) believes that national security overrides the first amendment. Highly interesting, but sadly also quite depressing topic. The ignorance, the cruelty, the hopelessness and the overwhelming injustice of such a situation, it’s all captured quite good, so the viewer stays focused for the duration of the movie. I did. I like it when it’s about upholding principles. Nothing But the Truth reminds me of motion pictures like A Mighty Heart or Rendition. 106 well spent minutes.


No fucking, no eating pussy, no kissing – is that clear?!? What sounds like casual conversation inside a church, is in fact the scene where Kate (in her role as Rachel Armstrong) is sent to prison.


What is the nature of government, when it has no fear of accountability?

Listen son, the difference between jail and prison is:



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