While BD as in the BD format for movies never really struck me as something worthy of my attention, the BD as a data storage medium could. DVDs aren’t too small yet, but 20-45 per disc is fantastic right now.
But after reading some articles it became clear fast, that it’s still too early. Many drives have horrible writing qualities and are even worse with DVDs (some drives didn’t manage to read DVD-ROMs!) and CDs. Companies will start producing blank discs with organic dye (cheaper) soon, over the current inorganic. Who wants to put “beta” discs into an archive.
Even playing BD movies (and if anything THIS should be running smooth; being the primary application) isn’t much more attractive. Iron Man was released in early October, while some software players gained an update, which was necessary to play this BD, 4 weeks later. Apparently the underlying Java menus of BDs can be so different, that software players sometimes have to be updated for specific movies. Just the sort of chaos you don’t want.
Time to order some new blank DVDs (where DVD9 still is expensive).


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