W7 Beta Key

This is another thing I’ve got problems with. A problem to understand. Like Vista (and XP since Service Pack 3) W7 runs _without_ a key for 30 days. And this limit can be reset 5 times (as in Vista). So it runs 6×30 days without a key. This beta is also time-bombed to stop working on 2009/08/01. This is not even bringing into play, that there probably will be more beta releases in the meantime. No one will still use the older beta with newer versions around. Using the latest is the point here.
And still, people go like crazy after keys for this release, although they must know how unnecessary those are. What am I missing?

In case better judgment is wasted on you, go there.

Or better yet, don’t waste your time at all and see what praises others came up with.


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