Spiner/Frakes/McFadden behind the scenes

What a rare gem. For this kind of unique finds Youtube is best. I’m quite sad seeing this. All I can think of, while enjoying this as well, is, what potential went to waste in all of this. I never understood anyway, why they didn’t have more roles, I’m clueless. They should have made it a comedy show. After 3 Seasons of TNG, okay we did the Trek, now dear audience, see THIS. TNG would have been horrible without these people. Don’t believe me? Just look at the wooden Picard in Season 1. When did Picard become the Captain everyone loved? When the character became more and more like his actor.
And if all of this wouldn’t be enough already, this behind the scenes even takes place during the filming of “Season 6, Episode 21: Frame of Mind” an especially good part. Not that it really matters, it’s just a cool coincidence.

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