Movies that didn’t suck (1)

From here on in, I’ll try to give one example a week (given I managed to see a movie that didn’t suck during that period). Why? My own interest in movies seemed to vanish more and more, but not because _I_ changed or anything, but because the majority of movies I saw were a waste of time and often left me behind with the feeling, that I wouldn’t have missed anything, if I hadn’t seen them. No good movie should make you feel that at all. That’s the worst case. So again, I’ll now try to list the flicks, that I can still watch without wanting to be somewhere else and that keep me concentrated for their whole duration and maybe even stay in my thoughts for some time after. For whatever reason. So I won’t make differences concerning genres, for example. I also don’t do ratings, this isn’t the IMDb, I’ll just mention or not.


First, I didn’t want to write anything to further describe the film, because of my laziness mostly, but also because I wanted to let the tip itself be the thing. Now I’ll give some sentences anyway.
What’s different here from genre typical films, is that the camera sticks to the main character for most of the film. The fights are almost seen through Randy’s eyes, the used technique doesn’t record it to make it look like the viewer is just part of the audience (of the fight). It shows more, it’s closer to the truth.
Rourke is perfect for the part, he lives it. The speech he gives near the end sounds partially as if he’s talking about himself, not just about his part.


Mickey Rourke Explains How to Get the Body of an ’80s Wrestler

For the role, Rourke spent seven months training everyday with an ex-Israeli cage fighter, stuffing his face with protein and occasionally making trips to the hospital for MRIs.


  1. billynorton

    That didnt suck


  2. Mickey Rourke’s comeback story reminds me a lot of Robert Downey Jr. for some reason


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