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Review: Windows 7 Beta 1 shows off new task bar, more UI goodies

Surprise! So they didn’t read this after all!

The just-released Beta 1 version of Windows 7 is a solid, fast-performing, stable operating system that appears to be just about fully baked and ready for prime time.

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OMG, hopefully MS immediately stops development altogether! It can only get worse from here on in!!!

Hover your mouse over the stacked icon, and you’ll see all three open tabs as thumbnails just across the top of the task bar. Hover your mouse over any of the thumbnails, and your entire desktop is taken up by that open window. Hover it[…]

Yeah. Hovering, getcha. As in “The threat of bankruptcy is hovering over the firm.”, for example. This damn financial crisis is everywhere (on the news) these days, btw!

One more nice touch: When you download a file using Internet Explorer, a green bar on the icon shows you the progress of the download.

A green bar?!? Really??? Oh Boy, I gotta use IE now, green is my favorite color!!! Goodbye Firefox, if you wanted to keep me as a user, you should have showed me the progress of a download in a green bar!!! There is obviously no advantage anymore…

The other major change to the interface in this beta is the addition of Aero Peek, a nifty little enhancement to the Aero interface introduced in Vista that lets you “peek” behind any open window to your desktop.

This is so incredible! Just imagine, you can PEEK behind your windows to see the desktop!!! Sorry, gotta catch my breath first.. before… I… can… go… on. Ah (15 minutes later). Better now! No seriously, if this _isn’t_ major, what could ever be?!?

Aero Peek lives as a small[…]

Ahhh! It’s alive! Kill it! Hurry, it’s an emergency!

Microsoft set out to make sure that Windows 7 wouldn’t have the same issues with hardware compatibility that Windows Vista had, and the company said that all hardware that works with Windows Vista should also work with Windows 7.

Hahahaha! So some hardware didn’t work on Vista. To fix this issue, Windows 7 operates everything Vista could! That will hook everyone up for sure, who couldn’t get something running on Vista. *stunned* Beyond awesome, you couldn’t make this shit up!

Given the beta’s stability and speed, you can safely download it and use this on a test machine. As with any beta of an operating system, though, you shouldn’t use it on a production machine.

Yeah, who wants to work with something that’s just 2 fast and 2 stable™ (Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are still unsure if they should sign up for a movie series). Doesn’t feel right somehow.

Download it fast NOW, because it’s so exclusive!


It’s extremely important you apply this patch as you may lose parts of your MP3s if the patch is not applied. 32bit and 64bit patches are now available.


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A Webcomic – Windows 7


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