Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Fan Patch 4.7

Download (145 MB). Download 4.6 => 4.7 (13 MB). Changes.

(+) denotes further improvements and restored content

v4.7 14.02.2008

  • +Created seperate quest for freeing Ash from the Society of Leopold.
  • +Added seperate quest and an xp for saving Heather by ghouling her.
  • +Created seperate quest for Gary’s posters and lowered some of them.
  • +Added seperate quest for exploiting thin-blood Copper by the pier.
  • Made inventory icon and damage stats visible for the Protean claws.
  • Added patch version information to base character creation window.
  • Forced talking to Boris sequence even if you removed Dema silently.
  • Prevented Gary’s posters from appearing also in your unused haven.
  • Restored cash box item into Gallery Noir and added inspection node.
  • Seperated Malcom’s overlapping diplomas and fixed some more sounds.
  • Removed Heather reference on Malcom’s computer after she has left.
  • Repaired bugs regarding quest updates when talking to the Mandarin.
  • Turned power on and timer off on re-visiting the Kamikaze Zen map.
  • +Fixed bug that prevented the CD quest to initialize in a rare case.
  • Removed Kuei-jin’s burning death and invisible block at warehouse.
  • Locked a double door in Ming’s temple that would open accidentally.
  • Added quest logs for Isaac’s gift and replaced Dane report object.
  • Fixed a Vandal endgame condition and removed more Nadia not-voices.

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